"Cherish your family for they are your treasure,
A storehouse of riches...wealth beyond measure."

LINDEN Generation Page
Generations 1,2,3,4,5
LINDEN 1st Generation
Gertraud (Hennen) & Henricus Linden
LINDEN 2nd Generation
Children of Gertraud (Hennen) & Henricus Linden
LINDEN 3rd Generation
Children of Anna Katherine (Peiffer) & Johann Peter Linden
LINDEN 4th Generation
1. Joseph Linden - b. 12 Feb 1851, d. 11 Dec 1855
Children of 2. Mary Josephine (Linden) & John Abner Winnow
Children of 3. Gertrude (Linden) & Joseph Odey
Children of 4. Catharine (Linden) and Louis Gustwiller
5. Barbara L Linden - b. 01 Nov 1860, d. 06 Aug 1861
Children of 6. Margaretha (Linden) & George Ensman
Children of 7. Emma Marie (Linden) & John Hornung
Children of 8. Barbara Linden & Peter Limpach
LINDEN 5th Generation
Children of Louise Hornung and Arby Raymond Croy
Children of John and Mabelle Ensman

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