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Herb and Spice Flavor Matchups
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Herb and Spice Flavor Matchups - pg. 1
If you ever wondered what Herb or Spice went with what? You probably will find the answer below. Allspice: Add 2-whole allspice to the pot when stewing chicken. Dash ground allspice over fruit salad. Season cranberry juice with allspice, cinnamon and cloves; serve hot or chilled. Anise Seed: Gives bread or cookies a delightful Licorice flavor. add to filling for baked apples. Basil: A natural for tomato and potato dishes. Try ¼ teaspoon in each cup of tomato-juice cocktail. Add a pinch to tomato aspic or cheese soufflé. Use to brighten the seasoning for hamburger patties, meat loaf, or tuna casserole. Bay leaves: A favorite because they give pleasant flavor to meat, fish, soups, potatoes. When making potato salad, cook potatoes with a Bay leaf and onion. Caraway seed: Add to cream-puff batter-- 2-teaspoons for ½ cup flour; fill with creamed ham. Or make tiny puffs; fill with ham salad and serve as appetizers. Sprinkle caraway over coleslaw. Cardamom seed: Sprinkle on baked custard, fruit salad, or chilled melon cup. For dessert coffee, place 2-crushed cardamom seeds in each demitasse cup; fill with demitasse coffee. Celery seed: A must in pickles, relishes, potato salad. Chervil: Add Bouquet Garni when cooking peas: For 1 pound frozen peas, use ¼ teaspoon each Chervil and Thyme, and add 1-teaspoon snipped Parsley. Chili powder: Add a dash to scalloped oysters or canned corn. Chives: Great in cottage and cream cheeses, scrambled eggs, cream soups. Spaghetti is wonderful tossed with butter, Parmesan, and finely snipped Chives.
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